Tiger Sprit Animal Rattle


Hand painted Tiger Shamanic Deer hide Rattle , with Seed bead’s and crystal chips filling to give a sharper and softer sound.

Keywords:  Leadership,  Balance,  Strength,  Grace,  Truth & Healing

 size:  360mm x 70mm x 40mm

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This rattle’s head is made from Deer hide, with a mixed filling of crystal chips and seed beads, to give a sharper deeper sound. Using Acrylic paints, I painted a Tigers image capturing its essence and energy. It has a wooden handle quested from nature in a respectful way of giving back an offering and prayers. I then bound this Rattle with a strong orange waxed cord, 3 different leathers in brown tones, Rabbits fur and finished with a turquoise nugget, it also has a orange leather strap.

Additional information

Weight85 g
Dimensions360 × 70 × 40 mm

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