Raven Pewter Necklace Flying


Raven Spirit Animal Necklace. Sitting on Pentagram. From the Wicca collection.

 Crow/Raven relates to: 22nd Sept-22nd Oct (Libra)

Raven represents: Prophecy, Insight, Change, Transformation. Trickster and Shape Shifter.

Crow represents:  Magic & Mystery, Messenger, Communication, Spiritual Strength, Psychic Abilities, and Decisions to be made.

size: 30mm x 45mm

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This Raven Pewter Necklace .  Is from the Celtic collection. A Raven in flight.  Made from pewter.  With a black cord. Mounted on recycled paper card. From the USA.

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Weight8 g
Dimensions30 × 45 mm