Hare Suede Tarot Bag


Painted Mystical Hare and Moon,  Angel / Tarot Card Bag.  This is one of my own designs, I made it from a good quality soft purple suede. laced together, and painted with the energy of the Hare.   Ideal for most decks of cards.

The Spirit Animal  Hare is symbolic of Magic and Mystery.   some of the  keywords and traits are: Mystery, Moon Magic, Shape shifting, Secrets, Psychic Awareness, Sensitivity, Adaptability, Longevity, Faith, Vigilance, Self sacrifice, Fertility, and can be the trickster.

size: 205mm x 145mm x 30mm,    height to drawstring 170mm

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This purple suede Angel /Tarot Card Bag is from my latest range of bags and pouches. I design and make my own patterns.  and so after choosing a good quality soft suede.  I made this striking card bag by using a traditional lacing method. with strips cut from the same piece of suede. To finish I have found contrasting beads

Additional information

Weight41 g
Dimensions205 × 145 mm

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