Hare Purple Mini Pouch


Painted Hare Spirit Animal Totem, on a lovely purple suede mini pouch, with a shimmery lilac leather back, with contrasting beads, ideal to keep your special Crystals, Pendulum plus other treasures safe

Hare relates to:  Mystery, Moon Magic, Shape shifting, Secrets, Psychic Awareness, Sensitivity, Adaptability, Longevity, Faith, Vigilance, Self sacrifice, Fertility, and can be the trickster.

size: 105mm x 75mm

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I made this lovely purple suede pouch. It has a shimmery lilac leather back. After I machined the pouch together. I painted the Hare Totem image. Using acrylic paints.  I cut the draw string from the same lilac shimmery leather.  Finally adding matching beads to finish.

Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions105 × 75 mm