Birth Totems

Similar to signs of the zodiac, Birth totem animals are assigned to us based on the moon we were born under. We often share our basic personality characteristics of these totems. We can learn more about ourselves by studying these birth month animals.

Otter - Aquarius Birth Totem

20th Jan – 18th Feb (Aquarius)


Otter people love fun and play. they mimic, are nosy, bold, interested in everything. They are considerate, humane and outgoing, and enjoy their freedom and independence. They have busy minds, are idealistic and  interested in minds. They make the perfect mate, are keen on health and very diet conscious.

Otter Keywords

Artistic, Inventive, Laughter, Joy, Playfulness, Communication and the Inner child.

19th Feb – 20th March (Pisces)


Wolf people are teachers and guides to the mystical. They need an enduring relationship, are cunning, clever, sensitive, intuitive, and vulnerable. Can be indecisive, suspicious, cautious, artistic, kind and understanding. They become drained by emotions of others. They have to be alone at times. They are over sensitive on any level and are very spiritual. They must learn to develop their abilities.

Wolf Keywords:

Balance, Loyalty, Compassion, Family, Sharing, Cunning, Elusive, Good Protector.

Falcon - Aries Birth Totem

21st March-19th April (Aries)


Falcon people are good starters but not good stayers. They balance energies, but lack concentration. They move on to next person, interest or thing. They are clear sighted, have plenty of enthusiasm, but soon lose interest. they are courageous, fearless hunters and have high ideas, as well as new ideas and projects. They are forthright, direct and blunt. they can be too intense, running the risk of burning out. They are impulsive and full of energy.

Falcon Keywords:

Mental Speed, Agility, Grace, Mystery, Patience, Spirit Messages, Past life connections.

Beaver - Taurus Birth Totem

20th April – 20th May (Taurus)


Beaver people are purposefully determined, purposefully slow. They like to be secure and safe. They are stubborn, inflexible and set in their ways. They like a stable based relationship. They have a creative flair, are good at building and nimble with their fingers.  They have to have peace and comfort, and they have a love of home comfort and luxury, a love of nature and beauty. they are loyal and devoted, though they are not ideas people. They are people of the earth and practical.

Beaver Keywords:

Emotions, Creativity, Hard working, Dreams, Stability, Resourcefulness, Sustenance, Stubbornness, Time for action.

Deer - Gemini Birth Totem

21st May – 20th June (Gemini)


Deer people are bright, sparkling and entertaining. They can run hot and cold. they are curious, like butterflies, flitting from one thing to another. They are swift moving, missing little, and are sensitive to movement. They have a lot to say but often don’t listen, and have an annoying tendency to interrupt. Self discipline is needed. They are congenial, can be irritable, getting tetchy when bored. they tend not to be punctual or organised.

Deer Keywords:

Gentleness, Sensitivity, Peace, Healing, Creativity, Change, Intuition

Woodpecker - Cancer Birth Totem

21st June – 21st July (Cancer)


Woodpecker people are emotional and easily upset. They can have an emotional blockage, pecking like a shaman drum. They are tenacious and cling to people. They have difficulty in letting go of loved ones, and they need a home. They are vulnerable and protective, they don’t harp on the past. They form strong attachments, are natural worriers with a vivid imagination. These people are warm, kind and considerate. They can be moody and bitter, and they have to learn to let go.

Woodpecker Keywords:

Good Luck,  Wealth,  Happiness,  Healing,  Magic & Rhythm,  Heartbeat,  Shape shifting,  Rhythms of Change.

Salmon - Leo Birth Totem

22nd July – 21st Aug (Leo)


Salmon people are warm, loving, bright and shiny. They have an inner radiance, but can have a fiery temperament. they can be like fish out of water. They can be inspired, and have a wide strength of purpose to be remembered by. They are proud, confident and positive. They can be arrogant, bossy and have strong views and opinions. They walk tall, dress well and are loyal friends. They are to be admired – love is essential.

Salmon Keywords:

Determination, Strength, Journey, Achieving Goals, Transformation, Spiritual Pilgrimage, Back to Roots, overcoming Obstacles.

22nd Aug – 21st Sep (Virgo)

Brown Bear

Bear people have a close affinity to the earth and love harvest time. they like privacy and are self reliant. They take time to adjust to changes. They are constructive, not lazy. They have a good eye, and can be critical and fussy. They have difficulty in expressing themselves emotionally and are often taken advantage of. They are modest, ignoring their own potential, and like to help others and to heal. They are fastidious, but have to learn to gain wisdom through experience and not through struggle.

Bear Keywords:

Powerful, Strength, Wisdom, Insight, Healing, Protection, Introspection, Self Knowledge.

Crow - Libra Birth Totem

22nd Sep – 22nd Oct (Libra)


Crow people like to be in groups or pairs, or in the company of others. They are intelligent, but insecure and feel safety in numbers. They are loyal and artistic. They sum up new acquaintances before getting to know them. They are tidy, balanced and direct, and don’t like upset.  They are charming and persuasive.

Crow Keywords:

Magic & Mystery, Messenger, Communication, Spiritual Strength, Psychic Abilities, Decisions to be made.

Snake - Scorpio Birth Totem

23rd Oct – 22nd Nov (Scorpio)


 Snake people have special powers of transformation and renewal. They are fluid talking with a forked tongue. Usually they have dramatic changes in their lives. They have the art of timing and keen sight, but they can be too direct, secretive, silent and deep. they have extremist heights and depths, deep feelings and cool exterior. they need to learn sacrifice.

Snake Keywords:

Messenger of Spirit, Life Force Energy, Rebirth, Transformation, Healing, Mystery, Secrets, Good Luck, Female Sexuality.

Owl - Sagittarius Birth Totem

23rd Nov – 21st Dec (Sagittarius)


Owl people are proud, wise and drawn to the spiritual subject sacred bird. They have hidden wisdom and can be difficult to budge. They are warm hearted and have lively minds. They like to be outdoors with the freedom to go where they want. They like to talk about their own interests and they like to avoid problems. they are explorers and adventurous. They need to learn to stick to goals

Owl Keywords:

Wisdom,Ancient Knowledge, Messenger, Bringer of the Dreams, to see all Magic & Mystery, Feminine Energy.

Goose - Capricorn Birth Totem

22nd Dec – 19th Jan (Capricorn)


Goose people are perfectionists, they can be nit pickers. they can also be sad, gloomy, moan and groan and have a resistance to change. They are ambitious, aloof, snooty, private, dependable, practical, hardworking, serious, tense and pessimistic. They are also patient and persevering, and are known to be good providers. They can be materialistic.

Goose Keywords:

Travel, Communication, Imagination, Visionary, Inspiration, Respectful, Fertility, Prudent.