About Me

Eklectic Wonders – Shamanic crafts

Hi, my name is Teena and I would like to welcome you to my online shop.

All of my items are handmade by myself, taking my main inspiration from the Animal Kingdom  and their connection with the Native American People.

I am fortunate to have been brought up in a spiritual environment, and therefore have a healthy understanding of the magical world we live in.

The history of my crafts

From day one my great love for nature and the animal kingdom has inspired my work, which started out as just a hobby thirty five odd years ago. After travelling along many pathways discovering who I am, I found the Native American Spirituality and their way of life, it has had a great influence on my crafts and the way I craft them, now done in ceremony and with honour.

I am very proud of my crafts, and very proud to honour the Native American way of life, and especially the Animal kingdom, hoping this shows through in my work.

A little bit about what I do

                 My eklectic mix of Spiritual Crafts have been greatly inspired by the Animal Kingdom, and their connection with the Native American People.
My intention is to draw upon their energy and channel it into my crafts.

Before I begin creating any item, I start with a  simple ceremony, with the burning of Sage to cleanse myself my tools and my workspace. I then call upon the energies of the animals I will be painting that day as well as my guides.

I always work with great respect and honour for every material I use and ensure that all of my resources are sourced as ethically as possible.
As a vegan/vegetarian I initially struggled with the use of leather and fur in my crafts. The Native American People’s belief is that the whole animal is sacred and therefore every part should be used.
I bless the spirit of the animal and offer thanks to them before I start work, I believe they now live on through my crafts.

I often go questing to collect feathers, stones and other items to use in my crafts as well as combing the beaches of Wales, gathering driftwood which is then sometimes used for the handles of the ceremony rattles and drum beaters I create.

My products range from Animal Totems, Dream Catchers, Smudging Fans to drum beaters as well as many more

Each item is unique and I truly hope they offer you as much pleasure as I had creating them.

Teena xx.